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Reviews & Testimonials

“Jackson & Associates is a leader in the field of family law. From the beginning, Dawn Jackson listened to the details of my case over the phone, and gave transparent and objective advice. At our face-to-face meetings and telephone conversations, Dawn kept it real, which was priceless and greatly appreciated.

They were very responsive and ready to answer any questions I had and guided me through the ins and outs of the process. The team at Jackson & Associates worked diligently and kept me posted at all times on my case.

I am totally satisfied and have nothing but high praise for how my case was handled. I would request their services again and will definitely recommend them to family and friends.” ~Sheila C.

“I had been silently struggling with sexual harassment and gender discrimination at my job for over a year when I reached my breaking point. I showed up for my intake appointment at the offices of Jackson & Associates overwhelmed and in tears. I could barely get through my story without breaking down, but Pamela Ashby listened patiently, even offering hot tea and a hug. She told me that she would help me with my case, and immediately began coaching me through the process of documenting the harassment incidents I had experienced, as well as encouraging me to journal and record my experiences from that point on. The next year was an incredibly difficult one – my employer’s counsel did all that they could to discredit my character, which further added to the fear and anxiety that had overtaken my life. With each interview throughout the ensuing investigation, I had to relive the horrible experiences all over again, but Pamela was always so kind and compassionate. When faced against a large company, I felt like David up against Goliath, but Pamela was there every step of the way. She was responsive to any inquiries, thoroughly explained every piece of correspondence, and was always great with outlining my options and next steps. It took nearly an entire year of back and forth, but Pamela helped me to walk away with a settlement that was ten times the amount that I was offered, prior to seeking counsel. I am so pleased with the representation from Jackson & Associates – the professionalism, and mostly the compassion during that terribly difficult time, will never be forgotten.” ~Former Client
“I am very grateful to Pam Ashby for her legal assistance during one of the most challenging and traumatic times in my life. The firm Jackson & Associates came highly recommended to me by a friend who heard great things about the attorneys at this firm. Regardless of the time, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. Pam kept me informed every step of the way, provided advice, and allowed me to make my own informed decisions. She went above and beyond to ensure I received a fair settlement. I always recommend her to anyone that expresses a need for legal counsel.” ~Former Client