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Why Are Truck Crashes So Dangerous?

That feeling of driving next to a semi truck on the highway is nerve-wracking; you can feel the wind disturbance push your vehicle around. And that’s if everything goes right and there isn’t a misstep from the truck driver. The sheer power and weight of a commercial truck can cause immense physical damage if there is an accident.

At Jackson & Associates Law Firm, LLC, we’ve seen the devastating effects of a commercial truck accident and what it can do to our clients. We’ve fought for injured people across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. We’re caring and attentive to our clients while aggressive and unyielding in the pursuit of their claims.

Truck Crashes Are A Unique Challenge

One way that a commercial vehicle accident claim differs from other car crashes is the resources. Often, trucks are owned by large companies with a lot of resources to fight any claim against them. But we’re not a firm to back down from any challenge.

Aside from the aggressive defense, there are even legitimate complications in trucking accidents that can make the fault discussions confusing, including:

  • Inadequate loading
  • Improper driver training
  • Mechanical failures of the vehicle
  • Road conditions

However, while some of these things are out of the company’s control, many of the contributing factors to a truck crash are solely at the company’s discretion.

You Are More Than Just A Number

As you struggle to heal and move on after a serious truck accident, you’ll face a lot of pressure from trucking companies to accept their offer. However, they look at you as a number, a minor inconvenience. You deserve every chance to have your voice heard and hold them accountable.

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